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Cars are four-wheeled vehicles that can be carried by several passengers, cars are also often used as a means of transportation to simplify and shorten our journey.
But have you ever seen or heard of 2 cars produced by two car manufacturers whose outputs are almost the same.
These two cars are the Avanza brand and the Xenia brand, both of these cars are of the same MPV type which can accommodate as many as 6 passengers, these two car brands can be said to be the mainstay brands of these two car manufacturers, originating from Japan. Did you already know? ? Well I’ll tell you where the two brands come from.
The Avanza comes from the Toyota car manufacturer and the Xenia comes from the Daihatsu car manufacturer. When you look at the two cars at a glance, there is no clear difference. However, if we look in more detail, the difference will be clear.

One of the differences is the design of the bumper or metal bars, which are next to the front.
The fog lamps on the two cars are also different
When it comes to the metal bars on these two cars, the Avanza looks very minimalist in terms of the shape of the front bumper.
It’s different with xenia with the addition of chrome around the logo which makes it quite interesting
Toyota Avanza Veloz type is added with a more modern and sporty front fascia, with special bumpers and metal bars.
And for the headlights, the difference is not much and with the same lamp shape

The back of the two cars is just a little difference .
When viewed in detail, the back of the Avanza and Xenia looks
Different in the real bar
Toyota avanza real bar accessories have become the standard for one car unit

The internal features when compared, the difference is stark.
The most striking audio feature, Xenia in terms of internal audio is superior because it is equipped with complete JVC audio and pioneers, namely CD, MP3, aux, USB, and iPod controller players.
Unlike the Avanza, only CDs and MP3s are added

Talk about the engine, the engine is the most important part in the car.
What are the differences between Avanza and Xenia engines?
Avanza and xenia have quite different engines
Avanza uses engines with a capacity of 1.3 liters and 1.5 liters.
If the Xenia is supported by a 1.0 liter 3-cylinder and 1.3 liter engine,
Both of these machines certainly already have VVT-i engine technolog

The last difference between avanza and xenia is the wheels
The two wheels are very different in terms of size and design
Xenia uses 13-inch alloy wheels while the Avanza has 14-inch wheels.
I hope my explanation can help you in choosing your dream car

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